How Consumers Can Ultimately Win the Robocall Battle

Robocalls are more than pesky, unsolicited phone calls we all receive. But did you know that these unwanted solicitations from businesses are often not legal? Recently, questionable telemarketing tactics by smart home products and systems manufacturer led to a $28 million settlement in a class action lawsuit. Also, Jenny Craig recently settled a $3 [...]

Robocalls: Not Only Are They Annoying, They Could be Unlawful

If you’re under the impression that it’s only your phone that receives a litany of unwanted phone calls on a regular basis, think again. Americans received over 30 billion robocalls in 2017, and it’s a problem that will likely get worse before it gets better. In December 2017 alone, 89.6 million robocalls were placed—about 967 [...]

Wrongfully Assessed Attorneys’ Fees Hurting Homeowners

Unfortunately for many homeowners in the Sunshine State, foreclosures are back; and South Florida is at the epicenter. The Miami Herald recently reported that the number of foreclosure starts in the Miami-Fort Lauderdale-West Palm Beach area jumped 29 percent in July. There’s even more bad news for some South Floridians struggling to maintain their homes—banks [...]

Could Cosmetic Surgery Tourism in Florida Lead to Tragedy?

In Miami, news reports of cosmetic surgeon Dr. Arnaldo Valls’ botched Brazilian Butt Lift resulting in the death of a 40-year-old Baton Rouge mother are helping to expose potential medical risks with this popular procedure. Unfortunately, less attention is being paid to the fact that similar tragedies could occur as South Florida continues to rise [...]

South Florida Has Become a Hotbed for Botched Cosmetic Surgeries

Recently, a Miami doctor performed a plastic surgery procedure on a patient—commonly referred to as a Brazilian butt lift when the patient went into cardiac arrest and died. Kizzy London, a 40-year-old woman from Baton Rouge, had traveled to the area specifically for the operation. Similar to medical tourism where patients travel to other countries [...]

South Florida Lenders are Sticking Homeowners with Improper Legal Fees

South Florida lenders are engaging in predatory practices leaving homeowners with legal costs they do not owe. These lenders are bring foreclosure actions, which ultimately are dismissed and then unbeknownst to the homeowner, unilaterally add their attorney’s fees to the homeowner’s mortgage causing a higher mortgage and often a default. See the story on NBC [...]

Baron & Herskowitz Is Confronting Birth Control Manufacturer’s Mistake

An entire lot (#5620706) of Taytulla birth control sample packs were distributed to doctor’s offices and then to patients with the pills out of order. This creates the very real potential of unwanted pregnancies and other serious complications. A case was filed by Baron & Herskowitz and Chaffin Luhana in New Jersey on June 14, [...]