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Cartier’s Love Bracelet is one of the most recognizable luxury jewelry items and a staple of luxury worn by celebrities such as Kyle Jenner. The Love Bracelet is modeled after medieval chastity belts and it became as a way to show everyone you were “locked in love”. The design of the bracelet is meant for it to be worn at all times and can only be removed with the assistance of a special screwdriver.

In 2011 Cartier released a new version of the Love Bracelet with an updated screw system to minimize the potential screw loss by having them only come out of the bracelet partially. What customers have found with use and when worn with other bracelets, the screws loosen and the bracelet falls off. 

There have been numerous complaints to Cartier for the alleged “defect.” There is no fix, how ever Cartier representatives have suggested using a glue compound known as Loctite as the only way to secure the screws in their position and avoid the customer from losing a bracelet starting at $7,000.

If you are a Cartier customer who has lost their Love Bracelet due to the screw design “flaw,” Baron & Herskowitz would like to hear from you at (305) 670-0101 or email us