Florida Negligence Security Attorneys

Public and private properties are locations where injuries can take place due to negligence or inadequate security, and the owner is oftentimes responsible. Acts can be due to a dangerous condition, failing to maintain the premises,  and even criminal acts, Property owners will try to avoid responsibility and place the blame on the injured party or even the criminal for the incident. Malls, parking lots, hotels, apartments, and public event spaces have a duty to protect invitees from injury. 

Negligent security cases happen when there is a failure to provide reasonable safety and security measures to protect people from criminal acts and provide a safe location. 

Failure to provide adequate security measures may include:

  • Not having trained security guards on the premise;
  • Not having working security cameras;
  • Not having fencing to deter criminal activity on their property;
  • Not having adequate lighting at night; and,
  • Not dealing with a disgruntled employee property.

There are many instances of negligent security where better security could have kept people safe.  Some examples of negligent security may include:

  • Attacks in parking garages and apartment complexes;
  • Shootings inside a venue and in the parking lot; and,
  • Injuries at concerts. 

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