Miami Police Misconduct Attorneys

If you are a victim of police misconduct, you may find yourself in a vulnerable position. You have been wronged by the very person whose job it is to serve and protect you. Who can you turn to when those charged with enforcement of the law betray their authority and take advantage of their position to harm you?

To fight this type of abuse of authority, you need to turn to an attorney experienced in defending victims of police misconduct. This kind of police abuse of authority usually falls within the category of violation of civil rights. The Miami, Florida law firm Baron & Herskowitz represents individuals throughout the state of Florida who have been victimized by police misconduct. The attorneys and staff are highly knowledgeable of the laws governing civil rights and are not afraid to challenge officers of any rank.

Types of Police Misconduct

These kinds of civil rights violations often pertain to police misconduct, which usually falls into the following categories:

  • False arrest: This is the most common complaint made against the police under Section 1983 of the Civil Rights Act.
  • Excessive force: When the police use more force than necessary to control or arrest someone, this is considered a violation of his or her civil rights.
  • Malicious prosecution: Maliciously prosecuting someone for baseless charges.
  • Failure to intervene: This charge applies to a police officer who does nothing when another officer mistreats someone.

Flagrant Police Misconduct Documented

In an exhaustive eight-month, award-winning investigation, the Herald-Tribune, which is published in Florida, ran a series of articles in December 2011 entitled “Unfit for Duty — A Special Report on Florida’s Flawed System for Policing the Police.” The nine-day series documented cases of police holding onto their jobs despite blatant police misconduct.

Describing the cases of one officer’s brutality, the two writers of the series told about Sgt. German Bosque from the city of Opa-Locka, Florida. Bosque faced charges of battery or excessive force in 16 cases uncovered by the police department’s office of internal affairs. The officer, according to the Herald-Tribune article, discovered that among Bosque’s transgressions, “he split a man’s lip with a head butt. He spit in the face of a drunken, stumbling arrestee . . . and one time, he smacked a juvenile so hard that the boy’s face was red and swollen the next day.”

Despite this instance of misconduct plus many others, Bosque kept his job.

The Legal Representation You Need

The attorneys at Baron & Herskowitz have extensive experience pursuing cases of police brutality on their clients’ behalf. The firm is a Miami group of trial lawyers who, as part of their practice, represent clients throughout the state of Florida in cases of police misconduct. They are especially successful at bringing to justice police who have misused their authority and victimized citizens.

The laws pertaining to this type of abuse of power are covered by the Civil Rights Act, passed in 1871. This law contains Section 1983, meant to protect people against government persecution and also against the activities of vigilante groups such as the Ku Klux Klan.

If you believe that you or someone you love has been the victim of police misconduct, you should seek the services of a lawyer at the firm of Baron & Herskowitz. You may be compensated for violation of your civil rights. To schedule a consultation, contact our law office today.