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Disputedelay and denial are all tactics that life insurance companies use when trying to get out of paying a claim. If a life insurance company acts in bad faith, telling you it cannot pay for any number of reasons, you should seek the services of a life insurance attorney experienced in helping clients receive benefits.

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Reasons Insurance Companies Give for Denials

Insurance companies have a duty to act in good faith when dealing with their customers. If they unfairly deny or delay payment of a claim, they may be acting in bad faith. Examples of bad faith insurance practices include:

  • Accusing you of fraudulently obtaining the insurance
  • Blaming the insured for fraud in completing the application
  • Unreasonable delaying payment of a claim or not investigating the cause of death in a timely manner
  • Making false claims that the person who was insured caused their death deliberately
  • Saying that your employer made errors when enrolling you in the insurance plan
  • Unlawfully revoking life insurance policies retroactively because of medical conditions
  • claiming that the insured person made a “material misstatement” when applying for life insurance
  • Denying benefits during the contestability period

The contestability period is usually a one or two-year period of time when an insurer has the right to deny benefits if there were mistakes made on the application. The insurer also may deny paying benefits by claiming the deceased deliberately misled the insurance company about his or her health or other condition that might lead to an earlier-than-expected death.

Consult a Miami Insurance Disputes Lawyer

If the life insurance company gives you any of the above reasons for denying benefits, you should immediately seek the advice of a life-insurance attorney.

In the state of Florida, once a complaint is filed, insurance companies legally must respond to the Department of Financial Services, Division of Consumer Services within 20 days. The sooner you get in touch with your lawyer, the sooner the process begins of your being properly paid by a fraudulent life insurance company.

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