Reasons Why Life Insurance Claims Are Denied

Life insurance denial can be avoided, the life insurance policies come with a number of contingencies that can void coverage. Each life insurance company has its own claim handling process that is unique to each policy. Regardless of the reason, denial of a claim during the emotional time period after a loved one’s death complicates the whole situation for ill-prepared families and heirs.

There are situations in which life insurance claims can be denied. If your claim is denied there are a number o steps that may help you receive your benefits. 

Failure to Disclose a Medical Condition or Other Pertinent Information

  • Medical history: This includes health conditions, mental health conditions, prescription history, and family health history.
  • Risk hobbies: This includes activities like car racing, mountain climbing, and skydiving.
  • Risky behaviors: This includes tobacco use, criminal records, and dangerous driving behaviors such as DUI convictions or other traffic violations. 
  • Dangerous occupations: Construction workers, active military personnel, firefighters, law enforcement, and pilots can face higher life insurance rates.

Life Insurance Premiums Were Not Paid

If the policy has lapsed due to non-payment, you may be able to reinstate the lapsed life insurance by paying your past due premiums with interest. The rules for reinstating a policy will vary by company and state.

Outliving a Term Life Insurance Policy

If you have term life insurance, you could potentially outlive the policy’s term, meaning there would be no death benefit payout. 

Death by Suicide

Life insurance policies usually have what is known as a “suicide clause”, usually lasting two years. If suicide occurs during this time, the insurance company will typically not a make a payout. 

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What to do if you life insurance claim is denied

Contact the insurer

Your provider will be able to answer questions about your claim and explain their appeal process. You will need to provide support for your appeal.

Appeal the rejection

If you feel you have a good case and want to appeal your claim you can:

  • Contest the decision with the insurer directly.
  • Hire a lawyer to make your appeal or prepare a lawsuit.

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