Drunk Boater in Florida Keys Accident Injures Passengers

drunk boaterKevin Scott Lancaster was arrested by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission for boating under the influence, gross negligence and having an inadequate number of life jackets on his craft after slamming a boat in to the Garrison Bight Channel Light #3 near Fleming Key off of Key West on May 10.

Eight people were on board. Two suffered injuries. Another passenger was ejected from the boat during the collision.

The boat was described as a 20-foot, console vessel.

Per a report in the Miami Herald, The Coast Guard said Lancaster, 50, of Key West, was boating under the influence when he hit and damaged the light. A crew from the Coast Guard’s Key West station rescued the passenger who had been thrown overboard. The other two were airlifted to a local hospital.

Sector Key West watchstanders received notification from a good Samaritan.

A Coast Guard Station Key West 33-foot Special Purpose Craft- Law Enforcement boatcrew arrived on scene and transported the two injured people to emergency medical services.

“Boating under the influence is just as deadly as driving under the influence,” said Petty Officer 1st Class Ryan Andzelik, a Coast Guard Sector Key West watchstander. The Coast Guard will not tolerate putting yourselves and others in danger on the water. You wouldn’t get in your vehicle intoxicated, don’t get in your boat intoxicated.”

Read more at the United States Coast Guard website here: Coast Guard terminates vessel voyage for boating under the influence near Fleming Key

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