Failure to Provide Antibiotics to Nursing Home Resident Leads to $13 Million Settlement

It’s unfortunate, but examples of nursing home neglect are common.

Recently, a retired judge in Kentucky died when he allegedly failed to receive antibiotics that had been prescribed to him. Initially hospitalized with an infection, in which he did receive antibiotics, Judge Dan Schneider was moved to a nursing home for recovery. The judge was supposed to receive antibiotics for four weeks after his transfer to the Masonic Homes of Kentucky. Schneider allegedly did not receive any doses during his stay at the home. 24 days after leaving the hospital, he was dead.

A settlement was awarded to his family for $13 million. $11 million will be paid by Masonic Homes for failing not providing the antibiotics (though staff documented him receiving doses 2x a day) and $1.9 million will be paid by Med Care Pharmacy which failed to follow up with the patient to determine if the prescription was being given.

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Can something like this happen here in Florida? Absolutely.

Stories similar to this one occur each month in Miami, Orlando, Tampa and around the state.

At Baron, Herskowitz, and Cohen, we’ve worked with many victims and their family members who have suffered nursing home abuse, mistreatment and neglect. Examples of this are more common than we’d like to believe. Our lawyers have heard some awful stories and first hand accounts of the abuse that takes place in Florida nursing homes.

Our goals is to help victims and their families hold individuals and nursing home companies responsible for their actions. If you or someone you know has been a victim of abuse, we’d like to hear your story.

Please call the law offices of Baron, Herskowitz, and Cohen today.

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