Florida Texting and Driving Bill Aims to Crack Down on Distracted Driving

Texting and driving is notoriously dangerous, yet continues to be the cause of thousands of crashes and fatalities across the nation each year. With Florida being one of the most lenient states for texting and driving regulation, its residents and visitors are put at an even greater risk.

On April 29, the Florida house voted overwhelmingly to send a driving safety bill to the desk of Governor Ron Desantis for approval. If passed, texting and driving will become a primary traffic offense in the Sunshine State, which would join 46 other states that have the regulation already in place. This vote marks the furthest that similar legislation has gone.

With texting and driving currently a secondary offense, Florida police officers can only issue citations to texting drivers who are pulled over for separate primary offense. If it gets upgraded to a primary offense, officers will be able to pull over any driver who is typing on their phone in a moving vehicle. It would also make it illegal for drivers to hold their phones while in school or construction zones.

That’s important for drivers living in Kendall or the Miami area. Our attorneys live and work here too and we’re worried about the impact of texting by distracted drivers!

One analysis completed by South Florida Sun Sentinel revealed that crashes typical of texting and driving rose by up to 50 percent between 2013 and 2016. Based on data from three million car crashes, the following patterns were observed:

  • Drifting into another lane: up 50 percent
  • Running stop signs: up 48 percent
  • Ignoring road signs: up 34 percent
  • Improper passes: up 47 percent

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