Hurt By a Doctor? Common Medical Malpractice Claims and What You Can Do

Broadly defined, medical malpractice occurs when a healthcare professional’s negligence causes unnecessary harm to a patient. The medical complications that result from malpractice can range in severity from minor injuries to death. There are also a variety of situations that qualify as medical malpractice, including:

Misdiagnosis, Delayed Diagnosis, or Failure to Treat

  • Diagnosing a patient with a condition they don’t have
  • Failing to diagnose a patient with a condition they do have
  • Allowing the patient to get worse before giving a proper diagnosis
  • Poorly assessing a patient for health conditions
  • Providing improper or inadequate treatment or follow-up treatment

Medication Errors

  • Prescribing an incorrect medication or dosage
  • Failing to prescribe a needed medication
  • Administering medication at the wrong time
  • Failing to monitor patients that are taking medication
  • Failing to identify adverse drug interactions or existing medical allergies

Surgical Errors

  • Performing an incorrect or unnecessary procedure
  • Administering the wrong dose of anesthesia
  • Providing poor post-surgical care
  • Damaging nearby organs or tissues during surgery
  • Failing to prevent an infection in post-surgical care

Birth Errors

  • Making an error that unnecessarily harms the mother or newborn
  • Bruising or lacerating the newborn during delivery
  • Failing to prevent or treat newborns with insufficient oxygen
  • Performing an unnecessary Cesarean section
  • Causing a brain injury or cerebral palsy in a newborn

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