Photography buffs and professional videographers love high-performance technology, but the new DJI Action 2 camera is causing a stir in the news for all the wrong reasons. 

DJI touts the Action 2 camera as a versatile, powerful action camera capable of 4K/120fps super-wide action video for the videoing of events. These cameras can be more than $500. 

The first issue that is well documented online by users is that the camera overheats and within under 15 minutes shuts down and stops working. This limitation is a serious issue for someone using the camera for professional purposes. Obviously, many videos will take much longer than 15 minutes to record. 

There is a setting within the software where you can override the heat issue and continue using the camera, but this feature doesn’t work in many countries, rendering it useless. The user manual does point this out, but unless you have already purchased it, you won’t know if you can use the heat feature.

There are reports of consumers getting burned by the extreme heat of the camera. Many customers have returned the product and requested a refund from DJI, claiming the product does not work as advertised. The company is refusing a refund for the “defective” product. 

DJI’s Response

DJI has added this tiny print disclaimer to their website to address the overheating issue: 

When recording 4K/120fps, Action 2 will stop filming when the set Auto-Stop Rec Temp is reached. If set as Standard, 4K/120fps video can be recorded for around 3 minutes. If set to High, 4K/120fps video can be recorded for around 5 minutes. Using the DJI Action 2 Magnetic Protective Case helps reduce surface temperature to optimize video recording by increasing recording length under normal conditions. In countries and regions that support setting Auto-Stop Rec Temp as High, the recording time is about 10 minutes in an indoor environment of 25 °C with the protective case mounted.”

Three to ten minutes of use time is not acceptable to most customers. 

Where to Turn for Help

If you purchased a DJI Action 2 camera and have experienced issues with it and/or were denied a refund, contact Baron, Herskowitz, and Cohen for help with your situation. We take product quality and safety very seriously and are here for you. 

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