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When you enter a hospital, you place your trust in its staff and protocols to safeguard your health, not jeopardize it.

Yet, accidents like falls can and do happen, sometimes with grave consequences.

If such an incident has affected you or a family member at HCA Florida Capital Hospitals, recognizing it as a potential malpractice case is the first step towards seeking redress.

We are hospital fall accident attorneys – please call today if you need help.

Baron, Herskowitz, and Cohen is dedicated to guiding victims of such falls through the legal process, ensuring they receive the rightful compensation and acknowledgment of their ordeal.

We have deep experience holding hospitals and other medical care facilities accountable for falls that have happened to patients.

Often, these falls create new injuries – or worsen existing injuries.

If you were on the path to recovery, but instead took a spill in a hospital hallway, your recovery could be set back. You also could be facing even more pain and an entirely new set of problems. That’s where a hospital fall accident lawyer can help you.

Decoding Florida Hospital Falls: Causes and Implications

Hospital falls are multifaceted incidents, often stemming from a cocktail of factors such as understaffing, inadequate patient assessments, or neglecting safety measures.

While they can afflict any patient, those particularly vulnerable—such as the elderly or those with mobility impairments—bear a higher risk. The outcomes of these falls vary, ranging from minor injuries that complicate existing conditions to severe, life-altering traumas.

Florida Hospital Fall Accidents Can Lead to Serious Injuries and Negative Medical Issues

A fall in a hospital can have serious consequences for patients, including physical injuries, psychological trauma, prolonged hospitalization, and even death. That’s why having a conversation about your fall with a lawyer can help you understand your legal rights.

Some potential outcomes of a fall in a hospital include:

  1. Physical Injuries: Patients who fall in a hospital may sustain injuries such as fractures, head trauma, sprains, or lacerations. These injuries can range from minor to severe, depending on factors such as the patient’s age, overall health, and the circumstances of the fall.
  2. Complications: Falls can lead to medical complications such as infections, delayed wound healing, blood clots, or pressure ulcers (bedsores). Patients who are injured in a fall may require additional medical interventions, treatments, or surgeries to address complications resulting from their injuries.
  3. Functional Decline: Injuries sustained in a fall can lead to a decline in the patient’s functional status, mobility, and independence. Patients may experience difficulty performing activities of daily living, walking, or participating in rehabilitation activities, leading to longer recovery times and increased dependency on caregivers.
  4. Psychological Impact: Falls in a hospital can have psychological consequences for patients, including fear of falling, anxiety, depression, or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Patients may experience feelings of helplessness, loss of confidence, or reluctance to engage in activities that require mobility or independence.
  5. Increased Length of Stay: Patients who fall in a hospital often require prolonged hospitalization to address injuries, complications, or medical issues resulting from the fall. Extended hospital stays can delay discharge, increase healthcare costs, and expose patients to additional risks associated with hospitalization.

Did you fall because you were not supported by a nurse?
Did you fall because you were given the wrong medications?
Did you fall because you were told you “were fine to start walking” again?
Did you have questions about what your legal rights are after a fall and injury?

Falls in hospitals can occur for various reasons, including:

  1. Environmental Hazards: Factors such as slippery floors, uneven surfaces, cluttered hallways, or inadequate lighting can contribute to falls in hospitals. Environmental hazards may arise from poor maintenance, insufficient safety measures, or inadequate infrastructure design.
  2. Patient Factors: Patient-related factors such as mobility impairment, gait instability, cognitive impairment, medication side effects, or underlying medical conditions increase the risk of falls in hospitals. Patients who are elderly, frail, or have multiple comorbidities are particularly vulnerable to falls.
  3. Staffing Issues: Inadequate staffing levels, insufficient supervision, or failure to implement fall prevention protocols can contribute to falls in hospitals. Staff may be overwhelmed, distracted, or unable to provide adequate assistance or supervision to patients at risk of falling.
  4. Communication Breakdowns: Lack of communication between healthcare providers, patients, and family members regarding fall risks, preventive measures, or patient-specific precautions can increase the likelihood of falls in hospitals. Poor communication may result in missed opportunities to identify and address fall risk factors.

Your Legal Advocates in Florida Hospital Fall Claims

Opting for Baron, Herskowitz, and Cohen in your hospital fall claim against HCA Florida Capital Hospitals means securing a partnership with a firm that offers:

  • Robust Legal Expertise: Our seasoned attorneys are adept at unraveling the complexities of hospital fall cases, ensuring your claim is pursued with rigor and expertise.
  • In-depth Case Analysis: We delve deep into your situation, scrutinizing medical records and procedural details to build a compelling case for your compensation.
  • Staunch Representation: We stand firmly by your side, advocating for your rights and ensuring your voice is heard, be it in negotiations or courtroom proceedings.
  • Empathetic Approach: Understanding the physical and emotional toll of your experience, we handle your case with the utmost care and respect you deserve.

Call the Florida Hospital Attorneys Today – Free Consultations Available

Experiencing a fall in a hospital setting, especially one like HCA Florida Capital Hospitals, should never be dismissed lightly. Reach out to Baron, Herskowitz, and Cohen without delay for expert legal assistance. Together, we can confront the negligence that led to your suffering, seeking the justice and compensation you are owed.

Don’t let a hospital fall define your future. Our firm serves patients across Florida – Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, Tampa, Orlando, Jacksonville, Tallahassee – who have suffered from unsupervised hospital falls. If you’ve been injured during a hospital fall, we want to help you.

Contact us today for a comprehensive evaluation of your case and partner with a team that stands for accountability and diligent advocacy in hospital malpractice scenarios.

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