Understanding the Ford F-150 Oil Consumption Defect

The roar of the 5.0L Coyote engine beneath the hood of a Ford F-150 has long been a symbol of power and performance. However, for owners of 2018-2020 Ford F-150s equipped with this engine, a dark cloud has loomed – the specter of excessive oil consumption.

A class action lawsuit has been initiated against Ford, unraveling the intricacies of a manufacturing defect leading to alarming rates of oil consumption in these models. As the investigation unfolds, it exposes the far-reaching implications of this defect on engine health, emissions, and fuel efficiency.

Impact on Engine Health:

The alleged defect in the 5.0L Coyote engines triggers rapid oil consumption, resulting in low oil levels, poor lubrication, and potential engine failure. The very heart of your F-150, its engine, is under threat due to a flaw that pushes owners and lessees to replenish engine oil at a pace that defies standard expectations.

Emissions and Environmental Concerns:

Beyond the individual vehicle, the defect contributes to increased emissions, posing environmental challenges. The burning of oil in the combustion cycle not only reduces fuel efficiency but also creates carbon deposits within the engine. This not only hampers engine performance but also elevates the environmental impact of affected F-150s.

Fuel Efficiency Takes a Hit:

For owners who expect their F-150 to deliver both power and efficiency, the defect becomes a double blow. Excessive oil consumption translates to reduced fuel efficiency, adding an unexpected financial burden for owners who initially sought the F-150 for its performance and practicality.

Take Action Today:

If you find yourself grappling with the consequences of excessive oil consumption in your Ford F-150, the time to act is now. Join our class action lawsuit to seek justice and hold Ford accountable for the defects in their vehicles. Our experienced legal team is standing by, ready to fight for your rights.

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