Were you Cheated by Mattress One?

Mattress One is one of the nation’s largest mattress retailers. If you live in Florida, chances are good that you have a location near you, and have seen their ads promising enticing rebates. But is this a company you can trust? Our product liability lawyers are currently investigating claims from dissatisfied Mattress One customers across Florida.

For years, a steady stream of customers has been filing complaints about Mattress One’s dubious practices with Florida authorities. Some consumers have been promised rebates on their purchases, only to be given an impossible run-around when they try to redeem it. Others, relying on Mattress One’s return policies, have tried to return or exchange unsatisfactory purchases, only to be thwarted by dropped calls, dubious excuses, and broken promises. In other cases, consumers claim Mattress One has simply failed to make promised deliveries, or delivered the wrong products (such as used mattresses, when new ones were purchased), without offering any solution.

In 2015, the Florida Attorney General took official action, entering into an agreement with Mattress One that required the company to compensate consumers it had wronged, and to cease these illegal practices. This action followed an investigation launched by the Office of the Attorney General in response to reports published by reporter Christina Vazquez of Local 10 News, who oversees the consumer advocacy hotline “Call Christina.”

In November 2015, Vazquez updated the story, stating she had worked with the Florida Attorney General’s Office to inform them of the scope of the issue. The Attorney General took action, and eventually Mattress One agreed to pay $325,000 in restitution to customers and to set aside another $100,000 for future claims. The company also was ordered to cease and desist from selling used mattresses as new, from delivering different items from those purchased by consumers, and to stop charging excessive fees when products are returned.

There is reason to believe that Mattress One has not changed its ways. Consumers are still complaining of precisely the sort of wrongdoing that Mattress One promised to stop.

Have you done business with Mattress One during the last four years and encountered these dubious practices? If so, we may be able to help you get the redress you deserve and hold the company accountable. Please contact us for a free and confidential legal consultation.

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