The term “damages” generally refers to compensation a person pursues as a result of medical malpractice. While every case is different, damages typically include:

  • Medical expenses such as present and future treatments, therapies and medications
  • Disability, loss of earnings when the injured patient is not able to work
  • Chronic pain and suffering caused by the injury
  • Decreased quality of life when the injury prevents the person from pursuing normal every day activities

When patients lose their lives due to medical mistakes, their surviving spouse and/or children may be eligible to pursue damages in a wrongful death suit. Damages in these circumstances may include medical bills and other bills resulting from the injury or death, funeral and burial costs, loss of economic support and loss of companionship.

When a person seeks damages in a lawsuit, they are meant to counterbalance the costs incurred as a result of malpractice as well as the physical and emotional losses.

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