Does Your Ford Truck Suffer from Dash Warp? Call Us.

Owners of Ford F-150 pickup trucks from 2015 to 2018 model years are noticing a recurring defect—the vehicle’s dashboard warps and splits. This is a defect that Ford has no remedy and refuses to fix. Dash warp often causes problems with the function of the defrost vents, detracts from the overall look of the vehicle and diminishes the resale value of the truck. This often occurs within the first 30 days of ownership!

Possible Causes of Dash Warp:

  • Insufficient thickness of plastic parts
  • Inferior quality of plastic used in dash
  • Poor design where dash does not utilize enough anchor points

Currently, there is no confirmed fix to the issue. Many have reported that some dealerships are willing to replace the warped dash if the vehicle is still under warranty (entire dash must be replaced)—but even this action is not proving permanent as the new dash often warps in the same spots. The end result is simply the lost use of one’s truck for an extended period, a waste of one’s personal time and more frustration than anyone might bargain for. One YouTube video shows a number of new 2018 Ford F-150s still on a dealership lot for sale, all showing early signs of warping—not what you want to see when the sticker shows a price tag of close to $50k for these high-end trucks!

It has been several years since customers first began complaining of this unsightly issue and destroyer of the vehicle’s value, yet Ford has done little about it. While many F-150 owners believe they must learn to live with their frustration until the manufacturer decides to acknowledge their angst, there could be another solution.

If you currently own a 2015-2018 Ford F-150 and believe your truck is suffering from dash warp, you should contact the attorneys at Baron, Herskowitz, and Cohen for a free and confidential evaluation of whether or not you have a legal case. We understand what you might be experiencing, and we’re ready to put our extensive experience in cases involving defective and unsafe products to work for you.

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