Florida has more registered recreational water vessels than any other state in the nation.  Little compares to the calm of a light-wind cruise on a sailboat, a leisurely outing on a motor boat, or the thrill of a ride on a speed boat. There is something special about being on the water and leaving the land behind. Along with these pleasures come the potential dangers of being offshore. Such dangers include those posed by the water as well as the dangers of being hurt on a boat, crashing into another vessel, or falling into the water and drowning. Florida by far has the most boating accidents nationally. While Florida had 671 reported accidents in 2015, the state that has the second-most, California, had just 369- and California has more people than Florida.

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Some of the following statistics are reported by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC), Division of Law Enforcement. In order to be a reportable boating accident in Florida, at least one of the following six conditions must be met:

  • Someone dies
  • Someone disappears in a situation that indicates a possible death or injury has occurred
  • Someone receives medical care beyond immediate first aid
  • At least $2,000 damage to the vessel or vessels or other property has happened
  • The vessel is a total loss

A total of 742 boating accidents occurred in 2011. Monroe County had the highest number of reported accidents and injuries:

  • 93 total accidents
  • 6 fatalities
  • 66 injuries

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