Harmed by a Medication Error?

Medication mistakes are some of the most common forms of medical malpractice that can result in serious harm to patients. If you or someone you love has suffered an allergic reaction or another type of injury due to a prescription error, you should know that you might have grounds to file a medical malpractice lawsuit.

Medication errors can be made by the prescribing doctor, nurse, pharmacist and/or pharmacy staff. The following are examples of medication errors that can cost a patient his or her life:

  • Giving a patient the wrong dose of a medication
  • Giving a patient the wrong type of medication
  • Failure to recognize serious drug interactions and/or allergies
  • Inappropriately prescribing a medication
  • Mislabeling prescriptions

Prescription medications, when used incorrectly, can cause serious harm to a patient, including death. Before prescribing a medication, doctors are required to examine a patient’s medical history to determine if he or she has an allergy to the drug or if he or she is taking another medication that may interact with the drug poorly.

It is also important that the doctor tells the patient how to correctly use the medication and warns him or her of any potential risks.

As Miami medical malpractice lawyers, the attorneys at Baron, Herskowitz, and Cohen represent individuals and families that are affected by prescription errors throughout Miami and the state of Florida. If you or someone you love has suffered injury because of a medication mistake, we may be able to help you. For more information, contact us today.