Tips for Sharing the Road with Semi-Trucks

Did you know that passenger cars cause a large percentage of accidents involving large commercial trucks? Many people don’t know how to navigate around semi-trucks and other large vehicles safely. Because of this, the American Trucking Associations (ATA) started a program called “Share the Road” to educate drivers about the limitations of large vehicles and how to share the highways safely. 

Some tips to share the road with semi-trucks are:

1 – Keep a Safe Distance

Stay back far enough from the truck in front of you so that if it blows a tire or has to stop suddenly, you can steer clear of danger.

2 – Drive Defensively and Cautiously

Try not to follow behind a large truck for long periods of time. Pass only on the left side, and remember, large semi-trucks have a wide blind spot. Drive defensibly and watch out for any sudden lane changes or other actions by the truck driver. Pass trucks quickly and then get out of their way. Always use your turn signals, so they know what you are doing.

3 – Avoid the Blind Spots

The right side of a commercial vehicle is the most significant blind spot. Other areas where the driver may not be able to see you are a portion of the driver’s side, behind any trailers, and directly in the front of the cab. Try to avoid these areas if you can.

4 – Never Cut in Front of a Large Truck

Never cut in front of a large truck. These vehicles have difficulty stopping or turning quickly, and if they have to maneuver to get out of your way, it could cause an accident. 

5 – Don’t Use High Beams

Try not to use your high beams if you can. These can blind other drivers at night, especially if someone is driving a large truck going fast on the highway. 

Avoid Distracted Driving

Stay off your phone, never text, and keep your eyes on the road and your mind focused on driving so that you and the other drivers, including semi-trucks, can stay safe. 

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