The Most Common Types of Personal Injury Claims

In the United States, tens of thousands of personal injury cases are filed each year. Most of these claims involve injury due to some form of negligence, which leads to accidental or unintentional injuries.

These are some of the most common types of personal injury claims introduced in state and federal courts throughout the country.

Car Accident Injuries — Pedestrian, Highway or Road Traffic

The most common personal injury cases are those involving automobile accidents. This includes accidents involving a single vehicle, two or more vehicles, and those involving a vehicle and a pedestrian. Pedestrians refer to anyone not in a motor vehicle, including people who are walking, biking, skateboarding or using any non-motorized form of transportation.

Slip-and-Fall Injuries

While claims leading to slip-and-fall cases can occur just about anywhere, they’re most common in malls, stores and other retail centers where wet or dangerous surfaces are more likely to be found. Slip-and-fall injuries can also occur outside during cold weather conditions, when ice forms and the property owner is negligent in making passage safe.

Product Liability

Also known as defective product claims, product liability cases involve injury or property damage that results from a product malfunctioning when it’s used as intended. Automobile defects represent a hefty portion of product liability claims. Examples include defective brakes and sticky gas pedals. Food products that cause illness such as hepatitis or food poisoning also fall under this category.

Medical Malpractice

This very large category includes any illness or injury that is caused through negligence or willful mistreatment by a health care provider. Medical malpractice claims can be brought against doctors, nurses, technicians or other staff at a health care facility, as well as the facility itself. Common examples of medical malpractice include failure to treat in a timely manner, missed diagnosis, operation on the wrong body part and hospital bourn infection.

Workplace Injury

Workers’ compensation is provided to help people who are injured on the job remain financially solvent until they’re physically able to get back to work. It typically covers medical bills related to the workplace injury. However, in some cases if workers’ compensation is denied, an injured employee can file a personal injury case to seek compensation for the workplace incident.

How are Personal Injury Cases Settled?

In nearly every personal injury case, it is advisable to consult an attorney who’s experienced in the personal injury area you need. Experienced lawyers are familiar with personal injury laws and can help to ensure you receive the maximum compensation.

Personal injury cases are typically resolved by awarding damages that compensate the claimant for losses that may include hospital bills and medical costs, medication and therapy costs and lost wages. In some cases, plaintiffs may qualify for pain and suffering.

The Miami trial lawyers at Baron, Herskowitz, and Cohen have successfully represented many clients in personal injury lawsuits of all categories, including these most common types of cases. If you believe that you may have a claim, contact us today to discuss the details of your personal injury case.

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