Ford’s Response: Unmasking Technical Service Bulletin 19-2365

In the labyrinth of Ford’s response to the excessive oil consumption issue in the 5.0L Coyote engine, a critical waypoint is the Technical Service Bulletin (TSB) 19-2365. Let’s dissect the attempted solutions outlined in this bulletin and understand why the ongoing lawsuit argues that these measures merely cloak the oil consumption issue, failing to address its root cause.

Unveiling TSB 19-2365: Ford’s Attempted Corrections

In December 2019, Ford released TSB 19-2365, attributing excessive oil consumption to specific conditions, notably high intake manifold vacuum during deceleration fuel shut off (DFSO). The proposed correction involves reprogramming the powertrain control module, installing a new engine oil level indicator, and changing the engine oil and oil filter.

The Allegation: Masking the Problem, Not Fixing It

As the lawsuit progresses, it contends that Ford’s corrective actions, including adjusting the dipstick’s minimum fill level, merely provide a superficial solution. The argument asserts that these changes were implemented not to address the root cause of the Oil Consumption Defect but to save Ford the costs associated with extensive repairs.

The Deeper Issue: Root Cause Unaddressed

Unmasking TSB 19-2365 reveals the lawsuit’s claim that Ford’s response falls short in correcting the fundamental flaw in the 5.0L Coyote engine. By reprogramming the powertrain control module and adjusting indicators, it’s argued that Ford aimed to mask the symptoms without delving into the core of the issue.

Take Action Today: Hold Ford Accountable

If you own a 2018-2020 Ford F-150 and have experienced the burdensome effects of excessive oil consumption, now is the time to take action. Join our class action lawsuit to seek justice and ensure Ford is held accountable for the defects in their vehicles.

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