Burdened Owners: The Unforeseen Challenges of Excessive Oil Consumption

The journey for owners of 2018-2020 Ford F-150s equipped with the 5.0L Coyote engine has taken an unexpected turn, burdened by the incessant need to monitor and replenish engine oil. Explore the unforeseen challenges faced by these owners, compelled to check and fill their engine oil far more frequently than the norm, and delve into the potential risks associated with over-filling.

The Ongoing Struggle: Frequent Oil Checks

Owners of affected F-150s find themselves in the unexpected role of vigilant custodians, constantly monitoring and replenishing engine oil. This arduous task, necessitated by the alleged excessive Oil Consumption Defect, disrupts the typical ownership experience, challenging the reliability and convenience expected from their Ford trucks.

Over-Filling Dilemma: Risks and Consequences

In the quest for a quick solution, some mechanics may recommend over-filling as a remedy for owners grappling with excessive oil consumption. However, this temporary fix comes with potential risks, including oil aeration, which can damage critical components such as gaskets and seals, jeopardizing engine performance.

Take Action Today: Join the Fight for Justice

If you’ve been burdened by the unexpected challenges of excessive oil consumption in your Ford F-150, it’s time to take a stand. Join our class action lawsuit to seek justice and hold Ford accountable for the defects in their vehicles.

Baron Herskowitz is helping victims of Ford F150 excessive Oil Consumption in Florida, connect with our experienced legal team via email at info@bhfloridalaw.com or jon@bhfloridalaw.com, or call us directly at 305-670-0101. Seeking justice won’t cost you anything – fill out the contact form below for a FREE consultation. Your voice is instrumental; let’s work together to demand accountability.

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