Jacksonville Nursing Home Workers Accused of Abusing 85 Year Old Patient

Terrible nursing home news from Jacksonville, Florida –

Local news reports say 2 nursing home workers were arrested after they were accused of abusing an 85 year old patient at the Macclenny Nursing and Rehab Center.

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From News4Jax.com:

“The surveillance video shows Rikki Davis, 21, and Trestany Wilkerson, 20, forcefully push the woman onto a bed. Investigators said the woman was pulled up by a shirt that was wrapped around her neck. The woman was then thrown into a wheelchair. When the woman tapped Davis’ arm, police said, Davis slapped the woman and yelled, “Quit hitting!”

Wilkerson eventually obscured the camera with a cloth.

Reports say the patient was 85 years old, legally blind, has osteoporosis and was being cared for because of a spinal injury – certainly someone who should have been treated with much better care.

The actions of the two young women were captured on a surveillance camera.

The alleged incident took place on August 2 as the two nursing assistants were supposed to be helping the woman get dressed for breakfast. The Macclenny Nursing and Rehab Center is in Macclenny, Florida 30 miles from Jacksonville.

The two women, after their arrest, were held on $50,000 bonds.

Online comments to the story showed outrage from people in the community.

The nursing home’s website features a graphic design of a heart with hands inside with the words, “helping hands…compassionate hearts.” A 2014 image on the website shows staff members holding a banner touting their 5 star rating. However, reviews of the facility on Google were overwhelming good.

Help for Patients and Their Families

If you suspect or know that your loved one has suffered negligent care in a nursing home, we encourage you to contact the Miami attorneys at Baron, Herskowitz, and Cohen.

Incidents like the one above happen nearly every day across Florida.

We can review the situation to determine if any abuse is or was present, and, if so, bring the full weight of our experience and resources to bear as we support you and your family in the pursuit of justice. For more information, please call our office at 305-670-0101.

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