Multiple Fatality Car Crash in Kendall Caused By Drunk Driving

This is a terrible story, but one we hear about too often. And this time, right here in the Kendall area.

This past September, Kritzia Lopez drove the wrong way on Florida’s Turnpike. At the time, she was under the influence of alcohol and marijuana – sadly, a deadly combination.

The wreck occurred near Southwest 88th Street as Lopez crashed into a Tropic Oil Co. truck. The oil truck then crashed into a Chevy Impala carrying senior citizens before slamming into another vehicle.

This impact left eight people injured and two people dead – Rene Hernandez (68) and Natalia Landin (67).

Lopez, 28, was arrested by the Florida Highway Patrol on two counts of DUI manslaughter, two counts of vehicular homicide, one count of DUI with serious bodily injuries and four counts of DUI with property damage.

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Unfortunately, drunk driving accidents in Kendall are not uncommon. Fortunately though, most of these accidents don’t result in other drivers losing their lives.

What are your legal options after a drunk driving accident in Kendall?

That’s a good question and one that many people ask when they hear about accidents like this. Can they sue the driver? Should they file a drunk driving lawsuit? What about the drunk driver’s insurance company – what role do they play.

First, each and every accident is different, but in a case like this, an injured victim would have a good chance at winning a lawsuit or getting a settlement.

But it’s less about “winning” and more about being compensated for injuries that you’ve sustained due to the accident. If you’ve wracked up a pile of medical bills after a drunk driver hit you, you should be able to be compensated for those bills. That money should not have to come out of your pocket.

If you lost time at work, missed paychecks, earnings or other work related opportunities, you can be compensated for that too. And certainly, any pain and suffering you’ve felt can be part of that compensation.

You may have a liability claim or personal injury lawsuit that can be filed against the at-fault, drunk driver – or against their insurance company.

At Florida is a “no-fault” state, initially your own personal injury protection (PIP) coverage should kick in to cover medical bills, but shouldn’t limit you from seeking more money if it’s needed.

All of this can be complicated to understand. But that’s why our law firm is here – to help people who were injured in a car wreck understand what their rights are, what they’re legal options are and to get the money they deserve.

Have questions for local Kendall area car accident lawyers?

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