Navigating Ford’s Alleged Fixes: Did They Really Work?

As the class action lawsuit against Ford unfolds, a critical lens is cast on the purported fixes implemented by the automotive giant in response to the 5.0L Coyote engine’s excessive oil consumption. In this scrutiny, we delve into the lawsuit’s perspective, questioning whether Ford’s corrective actions genuinely addressed the root cause or merely served to conceal the problem.

Unmasking the Adjustments: Dipstick’s Minimum Fill Level

One of Ford’s attempted corrections involved adjusting the dipstick’s minimum fill level. This change, according to the lawsuit, was portrayed as a measure to account for what was once deemed an alarming low oil level. However, the ongoing legal proceedings argue that this adjustment is more of a cosmetic fix than a substantive solution to the underlying issue.

Surface-Level Solutions: Masking the Symptoms

The lawsuit contends that the adjustments made, including changes to the dipstick, were not aimed at rectifying the fundamental flaw in the 5.0L Coyote engine. Instead, it argues that these alterations were strategic moves to mask the symptoms of the alleged Oil Consumption Defect. By presenting a lower minimum fill level as normal, Ford is accused of sidestepping the need for extensive repairs.

The Verdict: Failure to Address the Core Issue

Upon closer inspection, the lawsuit maintains that Ford’s alleged fixes fall short of addressing the root cause, leaving the inherent flaw in the Coyote engine unattended. What may appear as a resolution to the untrained eye is perceived as a mere smokescreen by those advocating for justice on behalf of affected Ford F-150 owners.

Take Action Today: Demand Genuine Solutions

If you’ve experienced the consequences of excessive oil consumption in your 2018-2020 Ford F-150, it’s time to question the efficacy of the purported fixes and seek genuine solutions. Join our class action lawsuit to hold Ford accountable for the defects in their vehicles.

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