Nursing Home Abuse

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Miami Nursing Home Abuse Attorneys

Baron & Herskowitz is dedicated to handling the litigation of cases involving neglect and abuse of the elderly in long term facilities licensed as nursing homes and as assisted living facilities. Neglect and abuse to the elderly happens every day and can be physical, emotional or simple negligence.

Abuse and neglect of the elderly can be found in the form of bedsores, open wounds, cuts, bruises, dehydration, malnutrition, weight loss, burns, falls, bowel impactions, medication errors, poor personal hygiene, verbal or physical abuse, over sedation, and many other forms.

Signs of Nursing Home Abuse

If you suspect that your elderly loved one is being mistreated, neglected or abused, you should contact an attorney immediately. The following are signs that something may be wrong:

  • Unexplained bruises or injuries
  • Untreated bed sores
  • Your loved one seems distant or nervous
  • The staff doesn’t allow you to visit with your loved one alone
  • Your loved one denies visitors or wants to be left alone
  • Your loved one is heavily sedated or seems out of it
  • Unsanitary conditions such as unchanged bed sheets or dirty clothes

Any change of behavior may be a sign of maltreatment. You should pay attention to your loved one’s behavior and watch for signs. Many times, our elderly loved ones won’t tell us if something is wrong, maybe because they are embarrassed, ashamed or frightened. Or, in some cases, they may not be able to communicate well. It is up to you to protect your loved one, to watch for signs and to listen to your instincts.

If your loved one is under the care of a nursing home, there are some things you can do to help prevent negligence. Make frequent visits at different times of the day so the staff doesn’t know when to expect you. Get to know the staff. You should also pay attention to what is happening with other residents while you are visiting. Is there shouting? Are the residents being ignored? Does the facility smell like urine?

Why Nursing Home Abuse Exists

Sometimes elderly residents are neglected due to lack of staff or poor training. But, it doesn’t matter. There is never an excuse for nursing home abuse or negligence. We put our loved ones in nursing home facilities because we can no longer provide them with the care they need. We put our trust in the staff that is taking care of them and hope that they will be treated like family.

When negligence or abuse occurs, it is a direct violation of our trust. And it is devastating. At Baron & Herskowitz, our attorneys advocate for elderly patients and their families. We have the knowledge and experience to hold nursing homes accountable for the harm they cause to the elderly and their families. If you suspect that your loved one is being neglected or abused while under the care of a nursing home in Miami or a surrounding area, we may be able to help you. Contact our law office to schedule a consultation today.