Why is my Range Rover Evoque Front Bumper Cracked?

We receive a number of inquiries from Range Rover owners from across the country who have experienced their range rover evoque front bumper cracked.  These individuals have not been in accidents or experienced any damage to their vehicles.  Cracked bumpers in the Range Rover from no impact has been an ongoing issue since 2015.  

Range Rover Evoque Front Bumper Cracked

The Range Rover Evoque front bumper crack could be a design flaw. Stress on the bottom of the front bumper cover may be causing the top section of it to crack where it meets the front fender. Or, heat from the headlights could be causing warping and stress causing the crack.  

If your Evoque’s front bumper has developed a crack along where it meets the front fender, you haven’t hit anything and there’s no sign of any impact from another vehicle. 

Baron & Herskowitz have been investigating and following the “progress” of the defect and are interested in speaking with Range Rover owners who have dealt with this issue. Please contact the attorneys at Baron & Herskowitz for a free and confidential evaluation at info@bhfloridalaw.com or call (305) 670-0101.

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