Is Burnout Among Geriatric Nurses Linked to the Well-Being of Long Term Care Residents?

law firm for nursing home injuriesDoes burnout impact the quality of care for patients in long term care facilities?

McKnight’s Long-Term Care News shared a recent study from “a researcher at the National Taiwan University, found that higher rates of depersonalization in geriatric nurses were associated with less satisfaction, lower quality-of-life and more depressive symptoms with older LTC residents.”

Read the full article here or more about the study here.

Depersonalization of Elderly Patients in Florida?

The study suggests that depersonalization of patients by caregivers shows that, “higher DP among GNS was associated with lower residential satisfaction and perceived quality-of-life, as well as more depressive symptoms among older LTC residents.”

And while this study tracked elderly patients in Taiwan, it may partially explain the persistent issues faced here in Florida and across the United States by those living in nursing homes and other long term care facilities.

It’s not unusual for nurses and other caregivers to depersonalize their relationships with patients. Care for the elderly is not easy and compartmentalizing feelings in order to ‘get through a shift’ is likely not uncommon.

Who Looks Out for Our Elderly?

The issue becomes, what happens to our seniors? Does their quality of care suffer? Are they more likely to suffer from oversight, neglect or poor treatment?

We don’t know the answers these questions, but feel like they are important questions to ask of our Florida nursing home system.

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