It’s anyone’s guess what the new “normal” will look like when things calm down, and life resumes at its usual pace. One thing is for sure, though, transportation will pick up where it left off, and with the focus on sanitizing and social distancing, the potential for transportation negligence and accidents skyrockets.

Why Life Back to “Normal” Will Cause Problems

For the past few months, the world has been on pause, and this forced sabbatical has shifted our attention away from important issues like regular maintenance and safety precautions to fear about the virus. When things resume, there is likely to be a shortage of staff everywhere, and therefore we will see more accidents with vehicles like cars, trucks, buses, scooters, and even boats.

There have been far fewer vehicles on the roadways and waterways lately. When traffic picks up, there will be an adjustment period during which there could be significant accidents. Scooter drivers may be unaccustomed to the influx of more cars and trucks on the roads. Bus drivers may feel out of sync and preoccupied with thoughts of the economy and family members. The likelihood of an upturn in accidents is significant.

When You Venture Back Out, Use Extra Caution

It is essential to exercise extra caution in any transportation vehicle once you do get back out in the world. Drive very slowly and watch for any unusual driver reactions. Always be on the defensive, ready to act quickly if you have to.

The same way after enjoying the summer, the first snowfall of the year always causes a few accidents. People back on the road after a break may result in a lot of new issues. It may take a bit of time to get used to being back behind the wheel. People may also still be consumed with worry about the virus and our future. Any added distraction could result in a rash of vehicle accidents.

If you or someone you love is affected by transportation negligence as life returns to normal, contact us to make sure you get all that you deserve.

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