Poor Supervision in Florida Nursing Homes Causes Fatal Falls

By their very nature, assisted living facilities (ALF) and nursing homes (NH) are designed to provide safe and comfortable living environments for their residents. Supervision is a must. When vulnerable residents are not properly supervised, serious or even fatal consequences can result. Oftentimes, these consequences are a direct result of preventable falls. In December, the [...]

New Technology Could Make Pressure Sores a Thing of the Past

Pressure sores, also known as pressure ulcers or pressure injuries, inflict immeasurable pain on frail patients. While not a true sore, pressure ulcers are a type of skin and tissue breakdown that results from constant pressure to specific area—ultimately resulting in tissue ischemia (the restriction of blood) and even tissue necrosis. Bed-bound seniors in nursing [...]

The Many—and Ugly—Faces of Nursing Home Abuse

Recent headlines in a small town in Middle America told of an avoidable tragedy: a certified nursing assistant in a skilled nursing home—one that is qualified to provide a high level of medical care by trained individuals—hurt two residents by forcibly restraining them. The level of physicality caused tearing and bruising of fragile skin while [...]

Too Many Nursing Homes Use Antipsychotics as “Chemical Restraints”

According to a recent Consumer Reports study, prescription medication use in the U.S. has nearly doubled in the past 20 years—from 2.4 billion prescriptions filled in 1997 to almost 4.5 billion in 2016. Additionally, adults over the age of 65 account for one-third of all medications prescribed, even though the age group only represents 13 [...]

State of Neglect: What’s Wrong with Florida Nursing Homes

There are clouds on the horizon for many nursing homes in the Sunshine State as neglect and a lack of accountability have begun to take hold—yet the outlook could be far worse as few policy makers are willing to recognize the impending storm and the damage it might cause. The severity of this threat certainly [...]

Fake Nurse Arrested for Medicaid Fraud in Florida

A woman has been arrested in Florida after an investigation by the Medicaid Fraud branch of the Florida Attorney General's office showed she had falsely claimed to be a nurse. First Coast News reports that Amy Suzanne Pohlman, 48, has been charged with two counts of practicing as a health care professional without a license. [...]

Miami Mayor Calls for Increased Oversight for Florida Nursing Homes

Last week, the mayor of Miami made the opening remarks for a panel titled "Facing Miami's Senior Care Crisis," which was attended by a large number of nursing home caregivers who say they are not able to properly care for their patients because of understaffing and frightfully low wages. The Miami Herald reports that Mayor [...]

Florida Nursing Home cited by Feds for Neglect

A Florida nursing home has been found by a consumer advocacy group to have "habitually violated state and federal healthcare regulations by providing inadequate, and at times negligent, care to residents at its facilities," according to the Miami Herald. The Herald reports that Plaza Health Network, which operates seven nursing homes in Miami-Dade County, was [...]