Florida’s Residents Suffer at the Hands of Negligent Commercial Truckers

The severity of a recent Colorado commercial truck accident, which included 28 vehicles and killed four, has prompted widespread concern about the growing number of deadly commercial vehicle crashes. Today, a noteworthy rise in the number of accidents involving commercial vehicles is occurring both nationally and within the state of Florida. In 2018, there were [...]

Ford Issues Technical Service Bulletin to Address F-150 Dash Warping

Owners of 2015-2019 Ford F-150s across the nation have been vocal for years about the increasing number of vehicles with dashboard warping and splitting. In many cases, this dashboard defect became evident within a month of purchasing the vehicles. Warping has numerous possible causes, including insufficient thickness of the plastic parts, inferior quality of the [...]

Florida Roads Deadliest in the Nation For Cyclists

In recent years, Florida has consistently ranked as the most dangerous state in the country for pedalcyclists. Pedalcyclists primarily consist of bicyclists, but individuals riding other types of non-motorized cycles, such as unicyclists or tricyclists, are included in this category as well. 2016 statistics released by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reveal just [...]

Florida’s Distracted Drivers Cause Irreversible Tragedies

Despite it being common knowledge that being distracted behind the wheel is dangerous, drivers across the nation continue to make the reckless decision to do so. In Florida, which has amongst the largest number of traffic fatalities in the country, distracted driving leads to hundreds of fatalities each year. According to the Florida Department of [...]

When is a Boating Accident Considered Negligence?

Whether sailing, fishing on a motorboat, or taking a ride on a speedboat, boating in Florida’s waters appeals to locals and tourists year-round. Unfortunately, boating comes with a variety of risks that can lead to dangerous situations like crashes, injuries, or drowning. In fact, Florida consistently has the highest number of recreational boating accidents and [...]

Hurt By a Doctor? Common Medical Malpractice Claims and What You Can Do

Broadly defined, medical malpractice occurs when a healthcare professional’s negligence causes unnecessary harm to a patient. The medical complications that result from malpractice can range in severity from minor injuries to death. There are also a variety of situations that qualify as medical malpractice, including: Misdiagnosis, Delayed Diagnosis, or Failure to Treat Diagnosing a patient [...]

Motorcycle & Truck Accidents Kill Hundreds in Florida Every Year

Florida roads are among the most deadly in the nation, with hundreds of motorcycle and truck accident fatalities and thousands more injuries occurring each year. In 2016, 586 people died from motorcycle accidents in Florida, which was the highest number of motorcycle fatalities of any state. In comparison, California, which has nearly double the population [...]

Preventable Head Injuries Sustained at Birth Cause Lifelong Complications

Each year in the United States, approximately 28,000 infants suffer from a birth injury.  While even an ideal delivery is risky and physically taxing for newborns, a number of complications can lead to severe birth injuries. Head or brain injuries are among the most dangerous birth injuries: depending on the severity, newborns can face health [...]

Victims Deserve Compensation for Catastrophic Personal Injuries

A construction worker on the job falls off of a ladder, landing on his back and injuring his spine. A high school student riding a bicycle gets hit by a drunk driver and thrown onto the road. An infant suffers irreversible brain damage at birth because of a medical provider’s mistake. While no one wants [...]