Ford F-150 Owners Continue to Wonder About Dashboard Warping Problem

We receive a number of inquiries from Ford F-150 owners from across the country each month who continue to experience dashboard warping and splitting issues. This is an issue that's been going on since 2015 and it doesn't seem like there is a real solution being provided by Ford dealers or Ford Motor Company. People [...]

F-150 Dash Warping – Have you been offered a replacement??

Owners of 2015-2019 Ford F-150s across the nation have been vocal for years about the increasing number of vehicles with dashboard warping and splitting. In many cases, this dashboard defect became evident within a month of purchasing the vehicles. Despite the many complaints, Ford has spent years refusing to take responsibility and address the warping [...]

Baron & Herskowitz Is Confronting Birth Control Manufacturer’s Mistake

An entire lot (#5620706) of Taytulla birth control sample packs were distributed to doctor’s offices and then to patients with the pills out of order. This creates the very real potential of unwanted pregnancies and other serious complications. A case was filed by Baron & Herskowitz and Chaffin Luhana in New Jersey on June 14, [...]

Were you Cheated by Mattress One?

Mattress One is one of the nation's largest mattress retailers. If you live in Florida, chances are good that you have a location near you, and have seen their ads promising enticing rebates. But is this a company you can trust? Our product liability lawyers are currently investigating claims from dissatisfied Mattress One customers across [...]

CPSC Re-Announces Bed Handle Recall due to Potentially Fatal risks

The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), re-announced a recall on September 17 to alert caregivers to portable bed handles which may cause serious injury or even death. The initial bed handle recall was issued in May 2014, but less than 1% of affected consumers took action. The bed handles addressed by the recall are meant [...]

Recaro Car Seats Recalled due to Risk of Detachment

Earlier this week, nearly 175,000 child car seats made by Recaro were recalled after it was determined that the tether securing the seats to vehicles may break. The U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) announced the Recaro child car seat recall on September 15. The recall was issued when quality tests on a number [...]

New Danger linked to Defective Takata Airbags: Vehicle Fires

As reports of serious injuries and the number of recalled autos attributed to Takata airbags continues to grow, a new danger has been linked to these allegedly defective and dangerous auto parts. Now Nissan is claiming that a defective Takata airbag caused a vehicle fire after a minor crash in Japan. According to an article [...]

The Key Elements of a Product Liability Claim in Florida

Manufacturing companies are responsible for ensuring the safety of consumers by testing their products before releasing them to the market. Sometimes, however, problems can arise during the design or manufacture of a product, and when problems do arise, the manufacturing company can be held liable for any resulting injuries or loss, according to product liability [...]