Multiple Fatality Car Crash in Kendall Caused By Drunk Driving

This is a terrible story, but one we hear about too often. And this time, right here in the Kendall area. This past September, Kritzia Lopez drove the wrong way on Florida's Turnpike. At the time, she was under the influence of alcohol and marijuana – sadly, a deadly combination. The wreck occurred near Southwest [...]

New App Helps Miami Drivers Avoid Traffic From Bridge Closures

Here's some good news for Miami area drivers. A new website and app from Bridge Forecast gives local Miami commuters real-time estimates of when the bridges along the Miami River will go up – hopefully helping drivers avoid backups, long traffic lines and the frustration that goes with it all. The app gives drivers a [...]

Parents and Kids: Trick-or-Treat Safely this Halloween

Every parent wants to feel assured that their child is safe on Halloween. While horrifying headlines from years past talk of tampered-with candy or even razor blades in apples, the real danger to costumed kids awaits on the streets of their very own neighborhoods. In fact, Halloween is one of the top three days of [...]